RIV998V - RIVIT Hydrop. tool for rivet nuts M3-M12 (With Head Kit)

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The hydropneumatic tool RIV998V (2 phases) is used to place Rivsert female rivet nuts in aluminum and steel from M3 to M12 (stainless steel up to M10), and Rivbolt male rivet nuts from M4 to M8. 2 phases trigger. Stroke adjustment.
stroke (mm): 6.5
tensile stress at 6bar (N): 20==19,000
weight (kg): 2.4

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Origin IT
Rivit Tool + Kit RIV998V + RIVSERT M3 Nose or RIV998V + RIVSERT M4 Nose or RIV998V + RIVSERT M5 Nose or RIV998V + RIVSERT M6 Nose or RIV998V + RIVSERT M8 Nose or RIV998V + RIVSERT M10 Nose or RIV998V + RIVSERT M12 Nose