Laser Marking Machines for Integration

Laser marking machines for product identification marking and traceability.

Gravotech offers a wide range of laser marking equipment for industrial traceability applications. Our lasers are ready to be integrated for production identification on assembly lines, delivering high-quality marks in short cycles. Gravotech galvo lasers are ideal for Direct Part marking. Unlike inkjet or labeling solutions, there are no consumables and no maintenance required. Therefore, switching to industrial lasers will boost your bottom line and decrease your company's environmental footprint.

Our galvo lasers line includes multiple power classes and wavelengths to fit your product identification and traceability needs. Gravotech lasers are ideal for marking texts, logos, metal marking, alphanumeric codes, 1D, 2D, and Data Matrix on a wide range of materials. Contact us today, and discover how we can improve your industrial laser marking and traceability process.

Gravotech lasers are highly communicative and ready to operate autonomously in a production line.

We offer "Ready-to-integrate" solutions that do not require any additional connection equipment or computers. They can easily integrate with most PLCs brands due to their compatibility with a wide range of communication protocols. Our Vision manager function allows instantaneous marking control of your text and codes while providing the data to other systems.

With over 40 years of expertise in industrial marking equipment, Gravotech has developed a wide range of accessories and functions to facilitate mechanical integration: 3D module for marking complex parts, metal marking, product identification marking, autofocus, class-1 nozzle for complete safety, and more.

Gravotech integrable CO2 Laser system

CO2 Laser


Fast laser engraver - the best to mark organic materials and coated surfaces

Gravotech integrable GREEN Laser system



Direct marking system - mark highly reflective material and sensitive plastic materials

Gravotech integrable HYBRID Laser system



The Best compromise between versatility, high quality, & high speed to meet your marking needs

Gravotech integrable FIBER Laser system



Direct marking system - mark on metals and plastics

Galvo laser engravers – 4 technologies
At Gravotech, we understand the specific marking and traceability demands of each manufacturing process. From metal to sensitive plastics, from healthcare to aerospace, we have seen it all with over forty years of industrial marking expertise. Bring your application - we have a solution.
Fiber Laser 
Precise and powerful, the Fiber Laser engraver performs high-quality marking in short cycle times on metals and some plastics. As an ultra-compact and communicative laser engraver, its fast and straightforward integration in any manufacturing process is guaranteed.
Hybrid Laser 
The 1064nm Hybrid laser is ideal for applications where material versatility is key. From plastics to metals, these lasers mark industrial parts fast and with ultimate precision.
CO2 Laser 
CO2 laser marking systems use a wavelength in the infrared range of 10600nm. It is designed to mark organic materials such as leather, paper, wood, plastics, and even glass.
Green Laser 
The GREEN technology DPSS source of 532nm is ideal for "smooth" and "cold" markings on sensitive materials or on plastics that are not reactive to other wavelengths. The green laser can also mark micro parts (0.1 mm), delivering consistency and speed to your traceability process. 
Ready to explore laser marking equipment that works for your business? Contact us today, and our dedicated team will help you spec the ideal industrial identification marking solution.

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