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Engraving Materials and Supplies

Gravotech’s, formerly Gravograph,  laserable materials  or engraving rotary tools range has been specially developed for engraving and cutting. Laserable materials and engravable plastic sheets, also compatible with digital printing, can be "Surface" or "Reverse" customized. All our ranges of plastic sheets, metal, stratified materials, and engravable wood are available in a spectrum of colors, thicknesses, and finishes.

For manufacturing high-quality custom signage, awards, engravable plates, and more discover the most widely used items from our engraving supplies, signage, or ready to engrave products.


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Choice of engraving material

Our wide engraving material range included over 900 references in stock, specially developed for engraving and cutting. All our ranges of metal or stratified materials,  engravable wood,  and engraving plastic sheets are available in a spectrum of colors, thicknesses, and various finishes. The great majority of our materials are also compatible with digital printing. We are able to offer you custom-made solutions, even for small quantities. Make sure you contact us!

Our materials are issued from a selection of the best suppliers worldwide, capable of offering the highest guarantees in terms of organization (ISO). Our ABS and acrylics are pure and selected among the best grades. Each component is subject to a careful selection process taking into consideration normative and environmental obligations (RoHS, REACH). For you, this guarantees the respect of all obligations and requirements demanded by you r customers. We will provide written statements on simple requests.


Color rendering and consistency from one production batch to another are particularly sought after by all graphic arts professionals.
UV resistance is an obligation for engraving materials in contact with light, especially for outdoor applications.
To enable you to commit to total safety, we set our expectations beyond market standards. Our components selection, as well as sourcing decisions, are made accordingly.
Our operational teams make regular spectral colorimeter checks to measure color differences: we compare the light reflected on a random sample with our "Golden Sample". This measurement highlights color discrepancy (or "ΔE") and opacity.
For you, this guarantees irreproachable color and best hold of the material in time.

gravotech Size, thickness, & flatness

Size, thickness, & flatness

Each material sheet is subject to tight squaring at 0.25 mm/meter (.01’’/yd). Generally, our plastic material sizes are even fairly higher than the dimensions announced. For you, this is the guarantee to benefit from the entire format actually purchased, even if the engraving plate is clamped on the edges. The thickness of the different layers making up our materials is finely calibrated, and our recipes are perfectly mastered and executed by our engineers and technicians.
For our laser engraving materials, formerly Gravograph  Gravoply™ Laser Gravolase™ Metallics, and Flexilase™ the topcoat is only a few microns thin. For you, this is the possibility to achieve extremely fine and aesthetic custom signage or engraving plate, minimize the production of chips or fumes and take advantage of your engraving machine’s highest speed and productivity, be it mechanical or laser-powered.
Gravoply™ 1  & Gravoglas™ 2-Plex™: different layers calibrated at 250 microns are assembled by hot pressing in our workshops. Our engraving materials are not co-extruded, as this technique cannot guarantee regularity in thickness or material flatness. To obtain the best possible flatness, this "laminating" phase is made in very small batches, and even sometimes by the unit!

For you, this is the certainty to achieve accurate and regular depth engraving, as well as quality milling jobs on th e entire surface of the engraving plastic sheets.

Protection, packaging & traceability

Our engraving materials are protected individually by a "Gravotech" (ex: Gravograph) personalized, resistant semi-adhesive protection film. This ensures that engraved or milled surfaces are preserved from pollution or alteration.
Each material sheet is also labeled with its reference, designation, and production batch number. This ensures our Quality assurance system has the traceability information that is required in case of a defect.
Our packaging products are adapted to transport constraints all over the world and have proven their sturdiness.
For you, this is the guarantee to buy an original product and benefit from our material’s "Premium" quality until it reaches your workshop.

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