GBP BASIC S 30320 CNC-controlled, hydraulic press brake
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Equipped with metal slide and motorized cutting gap

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  • Brand
  • Oil tank capacity
  • Oil tank capacity
  • Weight
  • Length x width x height
  • Motor output
  • Supply voltage
  • Mains frequency
  • Pressing force
  • Bending length
  • Distance between columns
  • Press Break Stroke
  • Rapid mode
  • Bending speed
  • Press Break Retraction
  • Press Break Table height
  • Press Break X axis stroke
  • Press Break X axis speed

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GBP BASIC S 30320 CNC-controlled, hydraulic press brake

Standard version:

  • Touch screen CNC control CybTouch 12 with 2D color interface and bending sequence calculation.
  • CNC-controlled, motorized X-axis, guided on linear rails - driven by recirculating ball screws
  • Safety devices FIESSLER Akas II and FMSC
  • Backspace protection by means of light barrier
  • CNC-controlled, motorized table crowning
  • Manual height adjustment of the stop fingers (R-axis) 
  • Manual lateral adjustment of the stop fingers (Z-axis) on linear rail
  • Two front support arms adjustable on linear rail
  • Upper tool quick clamping (lateral removal)
  • Standard upper tool set 135mm - 85°
  • Standard die set Multi-V 85°
  • Side protection doors monitored by limit switches
  • Control on swivelling arm on the right side
  • Electrical components from Schneider and Mitsubishi
  • Hydraulic components from HAWE and Ikron

Possible equipment options:

  • Controls (CybTouch 15 or Delem DA 58T)
  • Extension of the X-axis to travel 1000 mm
  • CNC-controlled, motorized R-axis
  • Preparation for tandem operation
  • Special throat size
  • Additional stop fingers and front support arms
  • Second foot pedal for two-man operation
  • Manual or automatic central lubrication
  • Air conditioning for the control cabinet
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil warmer
  • Special tools
  • Control on the left side of the machine
  • Special sizes on request


Brand MetallKraft
Technical Specs
Oil tank capacity 400 l, 360 l
Dimensions and weights
Weight 7500 kg
Length x width x height 4400 x 2200 x 3350 mm
Electrical Data
Motor output 22 kW
Supply voltage 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Press Brake Technical Data
Pressing force 320 t
Bending length 3150 mm
Distance between columns 2600 mm
Press Break Stroke 350 mm
Rapid mode 120 mm/s
Bending speed 1 – 9 mm/s
Press Break Retraction 90 mm/s
Press Break Table height 930 mm
Press Break X axis stroke 5 - 650 mm
Press Break X axis speed 250 mm/s