ENDO EWF Spring Balancer (Standard Type with Safety Device)

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Its capacity is 4.5kg-120kg.
The balancer of this series is equipped with safety features that are the same as the EWS series. It also has a gauge for adjustment for the suspended mass. Therefore, tension adjustment can be performed easily.

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Brand ENDO
Origin JP
Spring Balancer Model EWF-9 (4.5-9 Kg) or EWF-15 (9-15 Kg) or EWF-22 (15-22 Kg) or EWF-30 (22-30 Kg) or EWF-40 (30-40 Kg) or EWF-50 (40-50 Kg) or EWF-60 (50-60 Kg) or EWF-70 (60-70 Kg) or EWF-90 (70-90 Kg) or EWF-105 (85-105 Kg) or EWF-120 (100-120 Kg)