LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel
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The LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel is always used with PA-70 Honing Compound. The leather honing wheel gently removes the burrs built up during sharpening and polishes your bevel for the sharpest and most edge retaining results. It's also used for routine maintenance to quickly regain sharpness when you don't need to establish a new bevel. The LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel fits the Tormek T-4.

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2,649.000 EGP VAT Excluded

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Gently removes the burr which develops during grinding and polishes the bevel. Fits Tormek T-4.

It is used together with Tormek Honing Compound PA-70. To get the highest possible sharpness on your edge tool, you finish the sharpening process by honing your tool on the Leather Honing Wheel.

Swedish quality leather

The leather on the Leather Honing Wheel is provided by the tannery Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. Tärnsjö Garveri has tanned and processed leather for over 140 years and is today one of the few tanneries that completely tans their leather with natural products. The leather on the LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel is both eco-friendly and of the highest quality.


Origin SE