Engraving Materials & Consumables

  Laser Engraving Materials

  Plastic Laser Materials

Gravoply™ Laser, Gravoply™ Ultra , Flexilase™, Gravotac™ with hundreds of options of laserable plastics to choose from, according to your needs can be purchase at our Shop

Acrylic Laser Materials

With laserable acrylic materials  like Gravoglas™ 1 or Acrylic, Gravotech provides a selection of vivid colors. Gravoglas™ 1 has been developed for subsurface laser engraving, you can then fill the engraving with Gravolaque paint to personalize your signs.

Metallic Laser Materials

Choose from a selection of aluminum and plastic with a metallic look. We propose several finishes, matt, glossy, or brushed. Get a very black engraving with Gravolase™ Metallics, Gravostral™, and AlumaMark® . Gravoxal™ natural aluminum is available from .02’’ to 1/6’’ to answer needs.

Wood Laser Materials

Laser Wood is an all-natural engravable wood material developed by Gravotech . Available in beech, oak, walnut, and birch, from forests managed and controlled by PEFC™

Rotary Engraving Materials


Resistant plastics with deep engraving

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Double-sided materials for industrial environments

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One application, several metallic materials

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Engraving Cutters & Inserts 


Developed by Gravotech, TWINCUT combines user friendliness of full length engraving shank cutters and carbide cutters with the cost savings smaller tools. The TWINCUT interchangeable cutters are designed to be used with a single tool holder.

Cutter Rangers

Originally used with manual pantograph engraving machines, ONECUT engraving cutters are available in HSS steel or carbide and 3 different sizes (3.17mm, 4.36mm and 6.35mm) for the widest range of applications. ONECUT are full-length cutters and are easy to use. Simply lower your ONECUT cutter into the engraving machine spindle, tighten up and engrave. A quick and precise adjustment to ensure constant engraving depth.

Colouring Products

Cermark® & Thermark®

CO2 laser black marking solution for metal.


engraving filler for color engraving on metal and plastic


engraving filler paint for metal